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May 29, 2014
Geometry students at Crossland Ninth Grade Center recently completed building a tool shed, outdoor furniture, and a playground swing set to be provided to local charitable organizations and school projects.
The pre-Advanced Placement students, who are in three classes taught by Mark Kirk, began by designing and sketching the concept of the project of their choice complete with all dimensions and angles. The objective was to apply the geometry concepts learned in class throughout the school year, according to Kirk.
Following that, students selected a partner, taking one of their original designs and adding several additional sketches, views, details, and dimensions so that the drawings became more complete to someone who might be interested in building it. “The students also had to make a spreadsheet with a complete material list and pricing for the project,” commented Kirk.
The third stepped had partner groups designing brochures for their project with photos, dimensions, pricing, description, and a persuasive section on why a customer should consider buying their product.
Three local businesses – Henson’s Lumber, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and Home Depot – each sponsored a class and donated the material for one of the three projects.
“The classes were given an organizational chart for a construction jobsite so that everyone had a specific role,” Kirk said regarding the actual building of the projects, which were completed during the week of May 19.
The tool shed is being donated to Habitat for Humanity, the outdoor furniture will go to the Granbury ISD Outdoor Learning Center, and the playground swing set will be given to a non-profit organization.

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