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June 20, 2017
GISD Board of Trustees  
The Granbury ISD Board of Trustees unanimously extended the contract of superintendent Dr. James Largent during its monthly meeting on June 20, 2016.
Board members took the action on Largent’s contract following the completion of the superintendent’s annual summative evaluation.  The new three-year term now extends through June 2020.  A salary increase may be considered during the upcoming 2017-18 budget workshop, when trustees will review revenue and expenditures as well as possible salary increases for teachers, support staff, and other employees.
Also regarding personnel, the board approved the appointment of several professional staff members and received notification of employees resigning.
The board approved an extension to a custodial services contract with GCA Services Group, which has managed GISD operations for the past three years.  The board discussed some issues with the services, but the superintendent recommended moving forward with GCA after citing campus principal evaluations and difficulties faced by custodians during recent long periods of construction and renovation.  A 2.7% increase in the management fee will largely go towards pay increases for GCA staff members – many of whom previously were GISD employees.
Trustees called a regular election for November 2017 for Places 1 and 2 on the school board.  General information about the upcoming school board election is available on the GISD website at
Reports made to the board included:
  • Dr. Largent reported that the Texas Legislature will convene for a special session in July, but he does not expect any positive developments for public education.
  • The GISD Board of Trustees has been nominated for the Texas Honor Board program through the Texas Association of School Administrators.  The Granbury nomination has been submitted to the Region 11 Education Service Center, which will evaluate all area submissions for advancement to state-level consideration.
  • Dr. Largent reviewed recent facility developments with the City of Granbury.  A municipal historic board approved the demolition of the former GISD Administration Annex, which was an old school building; Decker Gym will be retained.  The city’s zoning board of adjustments approved a waiver for placement of a rock exterior around a metal storage building at the Administration Building to house textbooks and other instructional materials.  However, the same board required rock be placed on a small lawnmower storage building at the high school.
  • The superintendent reported that 66 teachers qualified for additional compensation through the Granbury Teacher Excellence Initiative (GTEI), which allows teachers to build a portfolio in order to pursue extra pay beyond any general base salary increase for instructional personnel.  The program, which began in the 2015-16 school year, includes three main components: professional development/collaboration; student experience/campus culture; student achievement/enrichment.  Teachers must be in their second year in GISD, maintain a minimum number of absences, and be rated proficient or above in all areas of the teacher evaluation system. Overall, 18% of eligible GISD teachers will receive GTEI pay, which becomes part of the teacher’s salary and will carry forward.  The incentive pay will also calculate for the employee’s retirement benefits through the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.  Last year, 87 teachers or 35% of eligible employees qualified for the program.
  • Dr. Largent reported that the G2020 strategic plan was effectively complete, with many items completed this spring and others noted as ongoing.  The superintendent recommended that the district monitor the implementation of the District of Innovation plan adopted in January for the next year or two.  Following that, the district could undergo a new long-range strategic plan initiative.
  • Assistant superintendent Dobie Williams reviewed rough budget estimates based on preliminary property appraisal data.  Williams cautioned that Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction (ASATR) – a hold-harmless provision for districts implemented during the 2006 compression of ad valorem property tax rates – is expiring, and GISD will lose an estimated $2.88 million in state funding.  Budget allocations for campuses and departments have not increased, with only special programs receiving additional money as a result of increased student enrollment.  The district needs to purchase five school buses to remain up-to-date with a transportation replacement schedule.  Williams estimated a budget deficit of $2-3 million but also indicated that the district maintains healthy fund balance reserves to weather the loss of state funds.
  • Financial statements, cash flow and investment reports, a report on categorical purchases between $50,000 and $100,000, and a bond expenditure report for May 2017 were presented to the board by Dobie Williams.
Board members approved minutes from the last regular meeting and a special joint meeting with the city council, budget amendments, technology and instructional materials purchases, and bids for renewal of career and technical education instructional supplies as well as online subscriptions.  Trustees reviewed TASB Localized Policy Update 108 recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards.  The board also approved recycling out-of-date textbooks and an interlocal agreement with Texas Public Schools Worker’s Compensation Project (SchoolComp).
Donations reported to the board included $516 from Mambrino PTO for student travel and $1,100 from the Lady Pirate Golf booster club for supplies and team travel.
Trustees will next meet on Monday, July 24 for the annual budget workshop and regular monthly meeting.  Board meetings are held in the GISD Administration Building at 217 N. Jones Street.