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June 16, 2020 

LEAP Academy

Granbury ISD employees participating in the inaugural Leadership Experiences for Aspiring Principals (LEAP) Academy were honored at the GISD school board meeting on June 15, 2020. 

2019-20 participants were: 

  • Jody Brown, teacher/coach at Acton Middle School and Granbury High School
  • Nathan Daniels, teacher at Acton Middle School
  • Sheri Doucet, instructional specialist at Emma Roberson Elementary School
  • Ashley Gill, teacher at Brawner Intermediate School
  • Tamara Green, educational diagnostician in GISD special education department
  • Belinda Linker, instructional specialist at Baccus Elementary School
  • Patti Parsons, educational diagnostician in GISD special education department
  • Jennifer Pennignton, instructional specialist at Acton Middle School
  • Michael Pickett, teacher/coach at Acton Middle School
  • Melissa Shipp, instructional specialist at Oak Woods School

LEAP Academy is designed to develop leadership capacity in selected GISD teacher leaders by providing quality learning and coaching experiences in a collaborative and supportive environment with a focus on individual and organizational growth.  The program was initiated through the G2025 strategic plan to institute a “grow your own” leadership program. 

Cohorts are limited to 8-12 individuals who have a minimum of three years of teaching experience, have or be pursuing a master’s degree and principal’s certification, evidence of ongoing professional growth and leadership abilities, and other criteria. 

The participants meet monthly throughout the school year to engage with directors and principals to learn district operations, shadow administrators, participate in mock interview, and complete other program assignments.

Three participants have already moved into campus administration - Pennington and Pickett as principal and assistant principal at AMS as well as Shipp, who will be assistant principal at Baccus. 

Pictured (left to right) are Belinda Linker, Nathan Daniels, Sheri Doucet, Jody Brown, Jennifer Pennington, Michael Pickett, Tamara Green, Patti Parsons, Melissa Shipp, and Ashley Gill.