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May 27, 2022

STARS Accelerated High School held spring graduation exercises on May 26, 2022, at Acton Baptist Church.  Forty-three students received high school diplomas during the ceremony.

Principal Margaret Rodriquez presented the diplomas to the graduates.  Granbury ISD superintendent Dr. Jeremy Glenn congratulated each student, whose tassel was transferred by school board president Barbara Townsend. 

Special speaker for the evening was STARS alumnae Dayna Morgan-McCully, who now serves as an educational diagnostician in the GISD special education department.

Following the awarding of diplomas, the students presented flowers to family members, friends, and others that helped them finish their high school education.  A reception was hosted by the church’s Agape Sunday School class.

The graduates receiving their high school diplomas were:  Brock Austin Blanton, Melody Caitlyn Carder, Taylor Renee Carter, Rocio Castillo, Antonio Ernesto Rafeal Cavazos, Brett Michael Cole Jr., Hannah Renae Cole, Joseph Isaac Duke, Kaylee Jean Early, Branddon Samuel Escobar, Audrey Leigh Evans, Jaden Lorenzo Garza, Zane Noah Geer, Luz Edith Martinez Gonzalez, Torivio Hernandez-Bautista, Elizabeth Ovalla Rae Hilley, Aaron Thomas Hogan, Clayton Tennyson Honeycutt, Fatima Joanna Huerta-Guia, Jordan Lee Jumper, Lucas Graham Keays, Andre Julian Lazo, Seth William Longo, Edward Guadarrama Martinez, Heleena Dale Mason, Tyler Jeffrey McCalip, Cassidee Sue McGinnis, Jasmin Nicole Meazell, Trent Orion Miller, Ethan Cole Moen, Colin Cruz Mora, Samuel Eli Patton, Payton Tru Plash, Jayton Brad Rankin, Grant Reiley Redmon, Francisco Guillero Rodriquez, Caesar Enrique Roybal, Ramsey Roane Salas, Victoria Gumeta Salazar, Juan Jose Silva, Mary-Madison Nicole Smith, Truc Thanh Tu, Kyleigh Anne Walker.

An alternative academic high school that is part of GISD, STARS provides an optional setting with flexibility and personalized self-paced courses for high school students whose needs are not met in the traditional school.  The acronym stands for Self-Motivated Teens Achieving Responsibility and Success.  Over one thousand students have graduated from STARS since its founding in 1994.

Pictured are (left to right): back – Andre Lazo, Grant Redman, Rayton Rankin, Aaron Hogan, Taylor Carter, Melody Carder, Joseph Duke, Brett Cole, Jordan Jumper, Grant Redman, Ethan Moen, Branddon Escobar, Ramey Salas; third – Kaylee Early, Jaden Garza, Clayton Honeycutt, Juan Silva, Tyler McCalip, Hannah Cole, Caesar Roybal, Seth Longo, Lucas Keays, Trent Miller, Francisco Rodriquez, Edward Martinez, Payton Plash; second – Luz Martinez, Heleena Mason, Jasmin Meazell, Fatima Huerta-Guia, Audrey Evans, Mary-Madison Smith, Truc Tu, Rocio Castillo, Victoria Gumeta; front – Cassidee McGinnis.  Not pictured are Brock Blanton, Zane Geer, Torivio Hernandez-Bautista, Elizabeth Hilley, and Samuel Patton.