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May 25, 2021 

MTA Ceremony

Several Granbury ISD middle school and high school students were honored for mastering the school district’s dyslexia program on May 14, 2021.  The ceremony was held in the GISD Administration Building. 

The 98 students from Granbury High School, Acton Middle School, and Granbury Middle School completed a five-year program through the Multisensory Teaching Approach during the 2019-20 or 2020-21 school years.  Around three hundred GISD students are involved with the program and receive specialized instruction from a group of dyslexia teachers and aides. 

MTA Ceremony

MTA Ceremony

Students honored were Viola Allen, Matthew Arias, Dawson Atkins, Samantha Avery, Tiffany Bacon, Tripp Ballard, Nichole Barlow, Haidyn Bellah, Faith Bird, Rian Boykin, Riley Boykin, Aiden Brookshire, Rayna Brown, Mckenna Cain, Grace Cason, Kenley Cline, Lola Coker, Alyssa Crabbe, Login Crabbe, Angelica Davalos, Cash Davis, Tanner Davison, Andrew Debello, Martana Dugger, River Dunn, Jesus Espino Suarez, Emma Farrell, Fernando Garcia, Victoria Gibson, Bryan Gloria, Ty Gomez, JD Good, Joe Grimes, Wyatt Hambrick, Jayden Hamilton, Alex Haney, Taylor Harkins, Rallen Harris, Ty Haynes, Oryon Hebel, Jose Hernandez, Ashley Hernandez, Kylee Holbrook, Ava Jensen, Abigail Johnson, Nora Jones, Jude Kemper, Casey Labelle, Gauge Labelle, Cooper Lamb, Bryson Lane, Josh Lara, Ryan Lawrence, Abbigayle Ledbetter, Zayden Lee, Sean Locke, Marina Long, Camden Lynch, Jaden Marburger, Carter Martin, Leroy Spencer Martin, Nicholas McGowen, Preston McKinzie, Faith Meazell, Tomas Mendoza, Rylie Miller, Ainsley Milligan, Adrian Monreal, Ethan Moore, Blye Mounce, Georgia Myers, Caiden Olson, Tristan Parker, Julia 'Laney' Paul, Kristopher Perez, Alexxa Pimentel, Ryan Pomeroy, Jaydyn Pratt, Ella Redwine, Brayden Reed, Caitlyn Rodriquez, Greg Scott, Kaylee Spiers, John Strong, Kailey Thompson, Aidan Turpin, Collin Valentine, Rebecca Valentine, Arturo Vazquez Jr, Francisco Vega, Cydnee Webb, Larry 'Trey' Wilkins, Jillian Williams, Makenzie Wilson, Braxton Wright, Isabelle Zapata, Katja Noelle Zebley, and Xzavier Zimmerman. 

Leading the ceremony was GISD curriculum coordinator Wendy Gandy.  

According to the International Dyslexia Association, the condition is a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin and is characterized by difficulties with accurate word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities.  Individuals may struggle with reading, which can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.  

MTA is a research-based program for the remediation of dyslexia and other reading disabilities. It follows research begun at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in 1965 and provides a proven approach to teaching reading, spelling, and handwriting to students who require a structured, multisensory presentation. Reliable reading and spelling patterns in the English language are taught using multisensory discovery techniques that are intensive, systemic, and sequential.