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April 9, 2018 




Granbury Marine Corps JROTC cadets placed third overall in McKinney High School Lion’s Challenge, a physical fitness meet on April 7, 2018.


Developed in the spirit of competition and sportsmanship with the intent and purpose of building unit cohesion and teamwork, the meet included a number of competitive events: 1600-meter relay (while carrying various military equipment), Circuit Course (including a 150 lb. sled push, buddy carry, and an uphill run), pull ups, sit ups, tire flips, and tug of war.


The 25-cadet team from Granbury had the following placement:

  • 1600-meter Relay: Jaxon Golden, Mason Carpenter, Clayton Smith, Angaliyah Henderson, second
  • Pull Ups: Jacob Carr, Ceigan Jones, Mason Carpenter, Tamara Peters, third
  • Tire Flips (Female): Trinity Hathaway, Angaliyah Henderson, Anna Elkins, Kyleigh Jacobs, second
  • Tire Flips (Male): Jason Lambert, Carlos Martinez, Asa Redburn, Cody Reynolds, second
  • Tug of War: Jason Lambert, Asa Redburn, Carlos Martinez, Cody Reynolds, Ceigan Jones, first

“This was a great event that tested the physical fitness of our cadets,” commented First Sergeant Johnny Rositas.  “I’m extremely proud of them and their accomplishments. I know each cadet was challenged, and they are looking forward to the next event.”