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April 26, 2018


Granbury Marine Corps JROTC


The Granbury Marine Corps JROTC named its cadet leadership for the 2018-19 school year during a ceremony on April 26, 2018, at Granbury High School.


Serving as battalion commander will be Cadet Lt. Colonel Anna Elkins.  The executive officer will be Cadet Major Megan Thompson, and the Sergeant Major will be Cadet Sgt. Major Jakob Rankin.


The three cadets received their new rank during the ceremony led by Lt. Col. Scott Casey, the Senior Marine Instructor, and First Sergeant Johnny Rositas.


Others in the staff will be Cadet Sergeant Raiden Obina, S-1 administration officer; Cadet Sergeant Nolan Boegler, S-2 recruiting officer; Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Kyleigh Jacobs, S-3 operations officer; and Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Adina Gregory, S-4 logistics officer. 


Company staff leadership will be: company commanders Cadet Captain Jaxon Golden and Cadet 1st Lieutenant Clarissa Layland; company executive officer Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Lexie Current; Cadet 2nd Lieutenants Garrett Luckie, M’Leha Lambdin, Angaliyah Henderson, and Allison Henry; company First Sergeants Cooper Wilson, Trevor Phillips, Company Gunnery Sergeants Jaspper St Clair, and Brandon Norseworthy.


“We are looking forward to a very successful year under the leadership of our new battalion staff,” commented Col. Casey. 


Pictured are (left to right): back – Brandon Norseworthy, Jaxon Golden, Nolan Boegler, Jacob Rankin, Trevor Phillips; middle – Allison Henry, Kyleigh Jacobs, Garrett Luckie, M' Leah Lambdin, Adina Gregory, Cooper Wilson; front – Megan Thompson, Jaspper St Clair, Clarissa Layland, Lexie Current, Angaliyah Henderson, Raiden Obina.