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February 8, 2017
Seventy-two Marine Corps JROTC students from Granbury High School ventured to Harlingen for a four-day exercise at the Marine Military Academy on January 22-26, 2017.
“It is a transforming experience for all of our cadets,” commented Lt. Col. Scott Casey, the Senior Marine Instructor, “This event is to familiarize cadets with a military lifestyle to include team building exercises, physical fitness, and leadership challenges and allowed the upperclassmen to sharpen their leadership skills.”
Activities included an obstacle course, high ropes course, low ropes course, combat fitness test, close order drill, pugil sticks, and paint ball.  The group hiked four miles on the final night to an Iwo Jima statue that served as the basis for the famed memorial in the Washington D.C. area. Also included were study times to work on school assignments as well room and hygiene inspections.
Boys bunked in the academy dormitories, while girls were housed at a nearby church because the academy includes an all-male boarding school.  The students went without cell phones, computers, and other daily amenities to focus on the drills and other activities.
Participants from GHS were Ethan Avalos, Gunnar Brown, Robert Chancellor, Aaron Dowell, Jonathan Hammond, Trinity Hathaway, Freeman Hawker, Kayla Hitshew, Jason Lambert, Brandon Marriott, Valentina Marshall, Jeremiah Patterson, Tamara Peters, Colin Pieren, Brittney Pinckard, Daishia Pratt, Asa Redburn, Nathan Richt, Cody Reynolds, Preston Schroeder, Isaiah Snodgrass, Falicia Wright, Ashlynn Brown, Cody Cox, Lexie Current, Darrion Franks, Jaxon Golden, Rylee Holderness, Elizabeth Plecity, Jakob Rankin, Israel Salazar, Megan Thompson, James Tomontong-Johnston Jr., John Watson, Stephanie Bell , Aaron Blocker, John Broughton, Tyler Brown, Jacob Carr, Joseph Dandridge, Ashton Daughrity, Jake Dotson, Anna Elkins,  Collin Ethridge, Joseph Flores, Sergio Gonzales-Amo, Victor Gonzalez, Adina Gregory, Madison Griffin, Triston Handley, Angaliyah Henderson, Allison Henry, Cheyann Holmes, Kyleigh Jacobs, Daired Knul, Clarissa Layland, Garrett Luckie, Alonzo Molina,  Brianna Munoz, Brandon Norseworthy, Brandon Nye, Ronin Olson, Bailey Perigo, Nicholas Peters , Trevor  Phillips, Richt Nathan, Drake Sanders, Jaspper St. Clair, Luiz Tovar, Lane Kennedy, and Raymundo Castillo.
Accompanying the group were five EMT students from the health science program:  Montana Diaz, Amy Goldbrough, AJ Henderson, Dylan Pugh, Zoe Rough.  The students participated in training and also provided first aid to cadets.
Casey is assisted by First Sergeant Johnny Rositas.  Other sponsors were GHS health science teacher Christy Pieren, Mambrino School teacher Shannon Chancellor, and GHS teacher Joe Overstreet.