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April 7, 2021 

Granbury Marine Corps JROTC Physical Training Team

Granbury Marine Corps JROTC’s physical training team placed third at the six annual McKinney High School Marine Corps JROTC Lion’s Challenge on April 3, 2021. 

The Granbury High School cadets placed in the top three in seven of eight events, earning third place overall in a field of seven teams. 

“This was a great event, and our cadets held their own. I am very proud of their effort and accomplishments,” said First Sergeant Johnny Rositas, a JROTC instructor at GHS. 

The event was developed in the spirit of competition and sportsmanship with the intent and purpose of building unit cohesion and teamwork. Cadets wore boots and utes as their uniform, which made the events challenging.  

Among the most challenging events included:  a 1600-meter run with cadets wearing body armor and a 40-pound pack and carrying a teammate on a military style field litter; a circuit course with cadets performing a casualty evacuation of 160 dummies, pushing a 165-pound sled for 50 yards, executing 50 burpees each, and running 1200 meters to the finish. Other events included maximum effort pull-ups, push-ups, tug of war, rock wall climb, and tire flips. 

Pictured are (left to right): back – Alex Duckett, Raiden Obina, Mason Light, Rachelle Sanders, Kalyn Piper, Jett Burrell, Hagen Marlowe, Fernando Ruiz, Trent Huggins, Richard Layland, Anthony Garcia, Daymen Hallock, Austin Brassie, William Goff, Zachary Massey; front – First Sergeant Johnny Rositas, Donovan Rodriquez, Cadince McGrath, Dianna Koch, May London, Vanity Lopez, Sarah Folsom, Edward Alexander, Alexzander Carey.