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April 21, 2015
As Texas public school students take state-mandated STAAR exams, the Granbury ISD Board of Trustees adopted a resolution on high-stakes testing during its regular monthly meeting on April 20, 2015.
By approving the resolution, the Granbury school trustees join a movement initiated earlier this year by the Katy school board to encourage the Texas Legislature to adopt a state program that centers only on testing in grade levels and subject areas required by the federal government.
“Over the past twenty years, legislative efforts to address assessment and accountability have only increased the number of high-stakes tests students must take over the course of their K-12 public school education,” the resolution states. “[C]ertain proposed legislation in the 84th Legislative Session addresses the need to eliminate all state assessments that are not federally mandated under [Elementary and Secondary Education Act] and [No Child Left Behind] in order to provide relief to schools and re-establish local control with regard to student assessments.”
The resolution further implores the legislature to act to eliminate all assessments not mandated by the federal government and to “ensure a deliberate process to safeguard the integrity of the curriculum and students’ educational experience by requiring local assessments, supplemented or funded by the state, in lieu of those state assessments that will be eliminated.”
The resolution is signed by board president Mark Jackson, vice president Micky Shearon, secretary Dr. Barbara Herrington, Nancy Alana, Joe Jones, Chris Tackett, and B.J. Wallace.

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