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May 20, 2014
Three Granbury students and two teachers were recognized for their personal achievements by the Granbury Masonic Lodge No. 392 during a presentation at the Granbury ISD school board meeting on May 19, 2014.
Representing the Masonic Lodge, Jack Williams praised the five recipients of the Mirabeau B. Lamar Award. Named for one of the presidents of the Republic of Texas, the honor is bestowed on outstanding achievers who have overcome personal difficulties or hardships as well as those who accept the challenge to excel in helping make our communities, state, and nation stronger.
Honored were Granbury High School students Lizbeth Briones and Chance Clyce, Acton Middle School student Parker Keith, Emma Roberson Elementary School teacher Teri Call, and Oak Woods School teacher DeAnn Travis.
Lizbet Briones
Briones, a GHS senior, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 11. Surgery to remove the tumor was successful, but Briones lost the sight in her right eye and has to take several medications for the rest of her life. “Lizbet has not let any of these obstacles slow her down. In fact, they have propelled her forwards,” comments counselor Cindy Holt, noting Briones’ strong academic record, membership in the National Honor Society and other school organizations.
Chance Clyce
Likewise, classmate Clyce suffered an unfortunate incident in middle school that left him severely wounded with a broken jaw, elbow, and hip. While in the hospital, he developed a contagious bacterium that almost took his life. Doctors work hard to save him, and Clyce has undergone several surgeries and rehabilitation. “He has not let this bring him down, but instead has used it as a catalyst to challenge and make himself a better student and stronger person,” Holt said, adding that, after moving to Granbury, the senior focused on improving his grades and became part of the We the People constitutional law team.
Parker Keith
Keith, an AMS eighth grader, recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor. New to Granbury, he has overcome many situational and health difficulties but is a hard worker that impresses his teachers with his positive outlook. “Despite the hardships he faces on a daily basis, he does not complain about his circumstances,” stated principal Jimmy Dawson. “Throughout the time between diagnosis and surgery, Parker continued to come to school and keep a positive attitude.”
Teri Call
A bilingual pre-kindergarten teacher, Call makes it her mission to help Hispanic students overcome their difficulties and exit her class prepared to be successful in the rest of their academic careers. “The structure of Mrs. Call’s classroom is child-centered and teacher-facilitated,” commented principal Kellie Lambert. “She consistently integrates technology into her daily curriculum in a manner that is meaningful to her young students.” Call assisted students in the aftermath of the May 2013 tornado that hit the Rancho Brazos community and also facilitated Granbury hosting eleven exchange students from Spain last fall.
DeAnn Travis
A cancer survivor, Travis leads the school’s Relay for Life team and is active in the community. “She is an outstanding educator who encourages her students to come to her classroom early in the morning every day to get extra help with math,” said principal Donnie Cody, noting that Travis also has found members of the community to provide additional support for struggling students.

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