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January 24, 2017
The Granbury ISD Board of Trustees amended local policies affecting student grade point averages and class rank during its regular monthly meeting on January 23, 2017.
The amendments apply to Granbury High School juniors, sophomores, freshmen, as well as future high school students.  GHS seniors will complete their high school education under the prior system.
Changes were recommended by GHS principal Jeremy Ross to provide additional incentive for students to take Advanced Placement, dual credit, and other advanced courses.
The policies were previously adopted by the board in August 2014 to address new state graduation requirements that emphasize endorsements as well as problems with the previous system, which led to over-inflated GPAs and had students choosing courses based on points and dropping extracurricular activities.
Beginning with the Class of 2018, the new GPA system awarded a 1.1 multiplier for students who complete sixteen advanced academic classes.  Four-year participation in athletic teams, fine arts organizations, and other extracurricular activities would give students fidelity points – two of which could be used in place of two advanced academic credits.  Currently, students receive the multiplier once they complete eight advanced classes, but they must receive all sixteen to receive the weighted GPA for final class rankings and transcripts.
The changes increase the multiplier to 1.25 and allows it to kick in after students earn six advanced academic credits – and applies to current juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.  In addition, a student who cannot mathematically achieve the sixteen credits will revert back to an unweighted GPA.  The current senior class is still under the previous policy in effect when those students entered high school.
The policy details are below with the amendments highlighted in red:



Class grades are calculated at 6.0 for advanced courses (eligible Advanced Placement and dual credit courses), 5.0 for honors courses (eligible pre-Advanced Placement and other courses), and 4.0 for regular courses.
Eligible AP, Pre-AP, dual credit, and practicum/internship level CTE courses designated in the student handbook shall be categorized as Advanced courses, which shall receive advanced credit based on the number of academic credits.
The District shall determine an unweighted GPA for each student using grades from eligible courses. Upon completion of six advanced credits, the student shall have a 1.25 multiplier applied to his or her cumulative GPA.
Upon the completion of grade 12, a student who has earned 16 advanced credits shall have a 1.25 multiplier applied to his or her cumulative GPA. A student who had not completed 16 advanced credits shall have his or her GPA reverted back to unweighted status.
Each student who participates in and completes four years of an eligible course and related extracurricular activity, as applicable, during high school shall be awarded a fidelity point. A student may substitute a fidelity point for up to two advanced courses. The list of eligible courses shall be designated in administrative regulations.
The full policy EIC (LOCAL) will soon be available on the district website at

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