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March 25, 2020 

Granbury ISD School Board

The Granbury ISD Board of Trustees held its regular monthly meeting on March 23, 2020, amid a school closure due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide pandemic. 

Trustees were spaced out along the dais during the meeting, observing “social distancing” protocols.  The meeting was live streamed on the district’s Facebook page, and no members of the public attended the meeting.

Regarding the school closure, the board adopted a resolution authorizing the superintendent to consider providing premium pay for nonexempt or hourly employees who are required to work during an emergency or disaster.  If implemented, the employees would receive the time-and-a-half rate for the first forty hours of work. 

In addition, board members approved an attestation that the school district was providing instruction  to students during the closure.  This statement is required by the Texas Education Agency in order to determine that academic and special education services were continuing. 

Trustees approved a partnership with Upbring Head Start to launch a program for three-year old children at the Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy, which will serve as the district’s campus for a full-day pre-kindergarten.  Head Start will provide funding for personnel and supplies for the program to be administered by the school district, which is expecting to have three classrooms for these students.  The board also adopted changes to local policy to provide for enrollment of the three-year olds. 

Board members approved changing names of three campuses with the Texas Education Agency:  John and Lyn Brawner Elementary School (currently John and Lyn Brawner Intermediate School); Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy (currently Emma Roberson Elementary School); and STEAM Academy at Mambrino (currently Mambrino School). 

Regarding the Granbury Teacher Excellence Initiative (GTEI), trustees approved a lifetime cap of $5,000 for teachers who qualify for the incentive salary increases.  The program is in its fifth year of implementation.  The district will also examine how to conform to new merit pay provisions in state legislation passed in 2019, according to superintendent Dr. Jeremy Glenn. 

Board members tabled action on construction projects at Baccus Elementary School, Brawner, and Mambrino.  The improvements were planned in order for Baccus to host a dual language program and have a new gymnasium, Brawner to renovate space for additional classrooms needed as the school transitions to serve K-5 students, and Mambrino to have an updated learning space in the library.  Dr. Glenn requested the delay after Huckabee architects received bid submissions from contractors.  Because of uncertainty about labor and material costs because of the Coronavirus crisis, only a limited number of contractors submitted proposals which were very high compared to the planned budget.  Dr. Glenn hopes to reevaluate the projects and proposals in order to keep costs in line with the budgeted expenditures. 

The board approved minutes from the last regular meeting and budget amendments.  Purchases approved include the Instructional Materials Allotment and required certification that the materials confirm with state curriculum guidelines. 

Donations reported to the board include $4,056 from the Emma Roberson Elementary to fund student experience field trips. 

In other business, trustees reviewed financial, cash flow, investment, and categorical expense reports.  Board members also received a list of employees resigning or retiring at the end of the current school year. 

Trustees next convene for the regular monthly meeting on Monday, April 20, 2020. Board meetings are held in the GISD Board Room located in the Administration Building at 217 N. Jones Street.  If necessary, trustees may hold a virtual meeting online, which will be available to the public.