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August 9, 2019

Armando Martinez

by Armando Martinez, LPC 

Due to the increase of stressors in our youth, Granbury ISD is becoming more equipped to face this challenge. I am new the new Licensed Professional Counselor for the school district.  While based at Granbury High School, I am ready to serve any GISD student and family needing assistance. 

The youth of today face a variety of issues and challenges that even the most well-adjusted adults would struggle. Issues of substance use, domestic violence, divorce, parental incarceration, along with typical adolescent stress can be overwhelming. It is important to recognize that all these stressors may cause some of our youth to struggle. We see this play out when we hear youth talk about being bullied, feeling isolated, hopeless, anxious, angry, and fearful. 

Mental health crises can come quickly and can look different from child to child. A depressed child may show behaviors of being isolated, disconnected, or having feelings of hopelessness.  Another may show behaviors of being angry, restless, and rebellious. It can be difficult to maneuver these difficult behaviors especially in a school setting. It is essential to build strong meaningful relationships with children to help with these behaviors and minimize their potential negative consequences.  

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and numerous studies report that one of the greatest protective factors to protect against negative influences and effects of trauma is being connected with the community. Community can mean school, athletics, church, or work. It is essential that we attempt to build meaningful relationships with our youth with every interaction. Having a strong relationship allows school staff and community members to have those hard conversations that can prevent tragic events from occurring. 

Letting a young person know that they are seen and cared about is so impactful. By having these conversations and building connections, we are showing children how to be connected without a screen. The best way to support school staff is to influence positively the lives of children.  

For assistance, I encourage students and parents to contact me at or call the GHS counseling office at (817) 408-4619. 

Armando Martinez is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Granbury ISD