September 10, 2012
Choir Booster Kickoff  
The Granbury choir program is in store for a momentous school year, after an army of singers from Granbury High School and Crossland Ninth Grade Center performed for parents during a booster club kickoff held September 7, 2012, at GHS.
The combined ensemble performed the national anthem, the school song, and the traditional “Bless Us This Day” (pictured above).
The high school and freshman groups will be performing a “Be Our Guest” dinner theater with songs from Disney movies on Saturday, October 6. The event includes a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs inspired by “Lady and the Tramp.”
Following the Disney theme, GHS choir director Joy Hope also announced that this year’s choir musical will be Beauty and the Beast – based on the Academy Award-winning animated film. With auditions set for this fall, the performances are scheduled for February.
The choir students are first focusing on all-state choir auditions. The five-round process begins on Saturday, September 15 at GHS.
Choir directors are: GHS and Crossland – Hope and Greg Doss; Granbury Middle School – Cathy Terrel and Erin Walter; and Acton Middle School – Christine Bridges and Randall Walters.