March 25, 2013

JROTC The Marine Corps JROTC at Granbury High School will host an open house for eighth grade students and parents on Thursday, April 4, 2013.

The open house will be held from 6:00-9:00 P.M. at the JROTC classroom 8-235 at GHS. Students and parents may come and go during this time.

“We would like to explain to you how the Marine Corps JROTC program can help your daughter or son nurture life skills,” commented Lt. Col. Scott Casey, the Senior Marine Instructor.

The skills include: leadership, citizenship, and scholarship; character, teamwork, and integrity; self-discipline, responsibility, and accountability; and honor, courage, and commitment.

“Sometimes, parents think that our program has been established in order to recruit your daughter or son into the U.S. armed forces,” Casey said. “That is not our job, and that is not what we do. We are not military recruiters. Instead, we are teachers, and our mission is to develop leadership, character, and citizenship, in today’s youth.”

Casey, First Sergeant Johnny Rositas, and current cadets will inform prospective students and parents about program offerings, which include: hands-on opportunities to practice peer and positional leadership in a safe learning environment, leadership scholarship opportunities, STEM summer leadership camps, marksmanship scholarship opportunities, community network security training opportunities, college leadership camps, increasing levels of responsibility, and physical fitness training.

For more information, contact Casey at (817) 408-4667 or go to www.granburyisd.org/jrotc.

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