GEF Board of Directors Meeting - April 8, 2021

Granbury ISD Education Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting

April 8, 2021

Granbury ISD Administration Building

217 N Jones St

Granbury, TX 76049


The following board members were present: Kirby Doshier, Suzanne Francis, Sara Galvan, Dr. Jeremy Glenn, Michelle Lucero, Blake Marion, Ruth Matheny, Brian Miller, Stacy Mitchell, Lisa Peregrino, Nancy Peterson, Heidi Pippin, Michael Ross, Chelsea Thompson, Ann VanDuzee

The following board members were absent: Suzanne Childers, Menielle Donahoo, Ronnie Hansen, Steven Kuban, Holly Martin, Paula McDonald, Jeff Meador, David Orcutt

The meeting is called to order at 1:36p.

Jincy Ross and Sonja Chastain from Brawner Elementary joined us to speak about the grant they received for the Climbing Wall.

The minutes are presented to the board. Michael Ross makes a motion. Lisa makes a second. The minutes are accepted as presented to the board.  

Stacy presents Kirby Doshier as a potential new board member. Ann makes a motion to accept Kirby Doshier as a new board member. Suzanne seconds. The motion passes.

Superintendent Report

Dr Jeremy Glenn presents the superintendents’ report. We are on track to have all the events that we had to cancel last year. Prom went off without a hitch. Graduation last year was held at the football stadium. He said a group of juniors came to him after last year’s ceremony and wanted to do their graduation event at Pirate Stadium. He considered that request and was able to purchase a stage to make it happen. This year the graduation will be held at Pirate stadium. Teach for Greatness will be after graduation. School will end on the 20th. Graduation will be on the 28th.  Sports camps are on, summer school is on. Summer activities will resume as usual.

Treasurer’s Report

Blake presents the financials for January and February. In January, we deposited $10,481. In February we deposited $5,000 for F1 Racing and $3,451. We have $54,714 in our investment account. Lisa makes a motion to approve January and February financials. Nancy seconds. The financials are accepted as presented to the board.

Stacy says we may end up moving our investment account into something more high risk so we can potentially make more money. Our “rainy day fund” was created for something like COVID and we ended up with a great turnout in fundraising without having an event.


Programs Committee

Nancy doesn’t have anything new to present for the Programs Committee.

Ruth says she is still working on the grant spotlights. She will ask all the teachers to email pictures of the grants in action throughout the year.

Events Committee

Michelle shares a list of things she needs for the Academic Recognition Banquet:

  • Emcee for the event – Chelsea volunteers
  • 2 readers
  • Will need about 5-7 board members to attend
    • 1-2 checking in
    • 3-4 helping seat
  • People start coming in about 6p. Ask Board Members to come out at 5:30p.
  • Joe’s Pasta agreed to cater.
  • CTE is bringing desserts and drink station

Development and Marketing Committee

Minelle sent out the luncheon invitation. Will do a small tour of the CTE wing and work our way to the culinary department to have lunch. We have received a few RSVPs but not very many. Stacy has the folders for the tour.

Potential sponsors or groups to invite to the tour: DR Horton, Pinnacle, EECU, Mike Brown, Tri-County Co-Op, United Co-Op

Unfinished and New Business

Airplane vote passed. Will give kids the chance to get flight hours. It’s a different project than what the students have been working on with Eagle’s Nest.

Potential Board members. We have talked about a few people. Stephanie Hyde is a possibility. Lori Williams Cox used to teach at one of the middle schools. Sara mentioned another teacher who would be good. Randy Leach, Sharon Williams are both good possibilities too. Tri-County or United Co-Op?

Our next meeting is May 13th. Stacy entertains a motion to adjourn. Michael makes a motion to adjourn. Blake seconds.

Meeting is adjourned at 2:34p