GEF Board of Directors Meeting - March 18, 2021

Granbury ISD Education Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting

March 18, 2021

Granbury ISD Administration Building

217 N Jones St

Granbury, TX 76049


The following board members were present: Menielle Donahoo, Kirby Doshier, Sara Galvan, Dr. Jeremy Glenn, Ronnie Hansen, Steven Kuban, Michelle Lucero, Blake Marion, Holly Martin, Ruth Matheny, Paula McDonald, Brian Miller, Stacy Mitchell, David Orcutt, Lisa Peregrino, Nancy Peterson, Heidi Pippin, Michael Ross, Chelsea Thompson, Ann VanDuzee

The following board members were absent: Suzanne Childers, Suzanne Francis, Jeff Meador

The meeting is called to order at 1:36p.

Kirby Doshier, Robert Doshier’s Daughter joins us today with an interest in joining the board.

The minutes are presented to the board. Jeremy Glenn makes a motion to accept the minutes. Steven Kuban seconds. The minutes are accepted as presented to the board.

Superintendent Report

Dr. Glenn spoke about the vaccination clinics. If you want a vaccination, they take walk ups. If they can’t take you at that time, they will schedule one very quickly. The vaccinations will close in May. They applied for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine but have not been approved for it yet. The total process takes about 30 minutes. You can book it on the Hood County Health Services website.

There are 40 more days of school. It’s been a hard year for teachers and students. Lots of topics to face: masks, virtual learning, etc. Next year will be a better year.

Next Thursday the soccer team is playing in the playoffs.

Treasurer’s Report

Blake speaks about the treasurer’s report. We don’t have January or February info so he will go over November and December. We ended December in $222,000 in assets. Total assets $222,086, liquid assets $215,242

December total assets were $183,465, liquid was $176,222

Ronnie makes a motion to accept November and December financials. Michelle seconds. Financials are accepted as presented to the board.


Programs Committee

The bus ride and delivery of the grants went perfectly. Nancy thinks we need to purchase a bullhorn. The grants that we were not able to accept were because a name was on there. We need to be able to get word out there to keep names out of the grant requests. Blake says that maybe a current board member who isn’t on the grant review committee can do a preliminary review before it becomes an official grant. Stacy says it may look suspicious if we have a board member review it at all. Dr Glenn says he can make the rules clear as well as allow time at in-service days, and teacher orientation to speak on it.

Ruth has been working on grant spotlights. Spring break and upcoming testing dates have put a hold on her planning. She said she will get some spotlights before summertime.

Events Committee

Michelle spoke to Cleo Brown at La Bella Luna who will let us have the Academic Banquet for only $500. Thursday May 6th at 6:00pm. Michelle will bring a signup sheet for board members to volunteer for different things at next month’s meeting. We are borrowing purple napkins from De Cordova. We don’t need tablecloths or chair covers. They do have plates and silverware, but they charge $4 a set for them. We can do nice plastic plates and cups. Culinary Department can order it from their vendor at cost. We may choose to do that part. CTE will do drinks and desserts. We can talk to Joe’s Pasta to see if they would be interested in donating or giving a discount to a catering order. Chelsea will bring apples for the centerpieces.

Items Needed Quickly

  • Lettering on picture frames – Let Stacy know if you want to do this
  • Emcee for event – Blake has been volun-told by the majority of the board


We have the 50 Fellas sponsor sheets. If someone wants to give to potential sponsors they may know. Stacy will bring the list of previous sponsors to the next meeting.

50 Fellas is Oct 16th at the reunion grounds.

Development and Marketing Committee

Last meeting Stacy asked for people to join the development and marketing committee. Minelle and Lisa joined. She wants to schedule a luncheon at the culinary center for the donors and have a tour in late April. If there are potential donors, we can invite them to this event. They will also make the folders for the donor packets.

Unfinished and New Business

Stacy asks if the current board members know of anyone who can join the board. A few names are brought up. Stacy needs someone to help with the 50 Fellas silent auction area. Sara Galvan and Louise did it in 2019 but Louise cannot. Can someone help Sara?

Robert Doshier’s daughter Kirby would like to offer a $1k or $2k scholarship in his name. Stacy entertains a motion for the Robert Doshier scholarship. Minelle makes a motion to accept. Nancy seconds. The motions carries.

Kirby will let Stacy know the amount when that is decided, and Stacy will let the GISD counselor’s office know. Stacy would like to offer her a position on the board and to help with 50 Fellas.

 Michelle makes a motion to adjourn. Minelle seconds. The meeting is adjourned at 2:35pm.