GEF Board of Directors Meeting - February 11, 2021

Granbury ISD Education Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting

February 11, 2021

Virtual Meeting via Zoom


The following board members were present: Menielle Donahoo, Sara Galvan, Dr. Jeremy Glenn, Steven Kuban, Michelle Lucero, Holly Martin, Ruth Matheny, Paula McDonald, Brian Miller, Stacy Mitchell, David Orcutt, Lisa Peregrino, Heidi Pippin, Michael Ross, Chelsea Thompson, and Ann VanDuzee

The following board members were absent: Suzanne Childers, Robert Doshier, Suzanne Francis, Ronnie Hansen, Blake Marion, Jeff Meador, and Nancy Peterson

Stacy called the meeting to order at 1:31pm.

Stacy presented the minutes from the last board meeting. Lisa Peregrino makes a motion to accept the minutes. Ann VanDuzee seconds. The minutes are accepted as presented to the board.

Superintendent Report

Dr. Glen spoke about the cancellation of school for today due to inclement weather. Granbury roads look great except for one incident. They city did a great job making sure the roads were in good shape. Stay tuned to the school district on facility and school updates.

COVID cases – numbers have levelled off across the county.  Hospitalizations are down to 15% which is a lot lower than the weeks leading up to Christmas break. We are hovering around 50 cases per week which is good compared to the number of students and staff we have on campuses every day. Vaccine hub is happening and is successful. We have over 2,000 people vaccinated – round 1 of Moderna vaccines. 45-minute wait maximum for the Vaccine hub at GISD. We don’t know how many shots we will receive next week. 40% of staff are being vaccinated using doses left over from each day. Teachers that want the vaccines can get them so not doses are wasted. Shout out to the trustees for allowing the vaccines hub to happen at GISD Admin, it has been very successful.

Growth continues to be a huge issue for GISD. Other school districts have seen drops in growth but GISD hasn’t. Dr. McDonald says finding homes for people to move here have been a struggle. Lots of people want to move to GISD. We want to make sure we have adequate facility for that growth.

 Programs – Right now, we are still on track to host prom, graduations, programs, etc. Graduation will be a Pirate stadium.

Treasurer’s Report

Blake hasn’t joined yet but may pop in later. Not a whole lot to update on treasurer’s report.


Programs Committee

Prize party was awesome! We awarded over $86,000 to teachers. Ruth was going to try to get grants spotlight going. Someone has gone out to interview teachers who received grants. Ruth will have more information by the next meeting. There is a struggle for teachers to try to come up with innovative grant ideas. Stacy wants to entertain outside perspectives on how to bring in new ideas for principals and teachers. Videos are welcome too. For future grants, remind teachers and principals not to include names and schools in their grants, those will be disqualified. We keep getting the same grants each year and we would like to get new ideas. We have brought in people who have been rewarded grants in the past to join us at meetings to share updates on their grants. We are working to get previous grant recipients to present to us in future meetings.

Marketing Committee

Michelle says the Academic Banquet will be on May 6th. We have previously held the banquet at the DeCordova Clubhouse but they are undergoing a remodel, so we aren’t able to host it there this year. We have tossed around ideas for other locations. La Bella Luna, Warren’s Backyard, High School/Culinary students. Ideas are floating around but haven’t narrowed down any solid plans yet. Last banquet had 178 attendees. Michelle is waiting to hear back from Cleo at La Bella Luna if that could be a plan. Dr. Glen says all school facilities are open and the culinary department can be a plan if needed. Michael Ross says he can look into using the City Convention Center but will need to ask City Council first. Michelle will send Michael the event details so he can run it through the Council. Mi Familia or Joe’s Pasta has catered in the past and we could ask them to do it again. Stacy asked if the hospital can underwrite the event? It’s about $2500 or $3,000. David will talk with his team to see they are able to sponsor the event again. Charter has sponsored in the past, Michelle says the First National is interested in underwriting the event if the hospital cannot this year.

50 Fellas Foodfest: Event is happening this year. We’ve talked about different venues outside of the Reunion Grounds. But the Reunion Grounds is easier to get to and works logistically. We raised $110k last year and we should do something just for the sponsors and donors to show appreciation for such a successful fundraising year even without hosting an event. Heidi will make a new sponsor sheet for 2021. Can add H-E-B logo to the marketing materials for this year’s event. Date is October 16th at Reunion Grounds.  We want to still do the Donor recognition event, but Revolver is not open, we could ask to do it at Sledge.

Development Committee

Amy Clarkson was over the Development Committee but had to leave the board. She organized the donor tour and luncheon each year at the CTE building. She would schedule, invite, print brochures, and programs for the donor luncheon. We need a new person to lead that event. The donor lunch and tour usually had about 20-25 people attend. DR Horton, and Car Dealerships would be great potential attendees for the tour. Think about board members who could take Amy’s place on this. The job would not entail a lot and Dr. Glen would help schedule the tour through Mr. Dawson.

Unfinished and New Business

Taco Casa Fundraiser – Blake still hasn’t joined one thing he was going to talk about was future funds. We made about $700 on the Taco Casa fundraiser. We didn’t have to do anything for it. Great way to partner with United Way.

Unused Grant Money – Trisha Suitt has taken over for Amy and Sharon. Teachers have asked how to use the funds allocated for field trips this year. Since field trips cannot happen. They have been asking if they can find other things to use it for. Some would like to purchase incubators; the board doesn’t think that is an innovative way to use the funds and Trisha says we can find different funding to purchase incubators.

Trisha says:  What are your thoughts for field trips carrying over another year?

Stacy: I’d hate to take away the grants and the money we have given there is just sitting there.

Dr Glen: We will eventually allow fieldtrips but not this school year. It’s not because we don’t want to do them, it’s because the places we want to go won’t allow groups of students and can only allow small groups at a limited capacity.

Dr. Glen anticipates next year to be a better year for fieldtrips. Dr. McDonald suggests bringing in virtual speakers to present to students. There were 4 or 5 field trips scheduled that needed to be cancelled this school year. Maybe we can see if those fieldtrips we were going to do could present virtually. We don’t want them to use the funds for something different so we should try to use the funds for something similar.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 11. Spring Break has now been moved to that week and the Admin building will be closed. Can we move our next meeting to March 18th at the Admin Building? Board agrees to move the next meeting to March 18th at the GISD Admin Building.

Stacy entertains a motion to adjourn. David makes a motion to adjourn. Holly seconds. Meeting is adjourned at 2:18pm.