GEF Board of Directors Meeting - November 12, 2020

Granbury ISD Education Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting

November 12, 2020

Granbury ISD Administration Building

217 N Jones St

Granbury, TX 76049


The following board members were present: Menielle Donahoo, Suzanne Francis, Sara Galvan, Dr. Jeremy Glenn, Ronnie Hansen, Michelle Lucero, Ruth Matheny, Stacy Mitchell, Lisa Peregrino, Nancy Peterson, Heidi Pippin, Chelsea Thompson

The following board members were absent: Suzanne Childers, Robert Doshier, Steven Kuban, Blake Marion, Holly martin, Jeff Meador, Brian Miller, Mike Moore, Kevin Meyers, David Orcutt, Michael Ross, Ann VanDuzee, Louise Willett

Stacy called the meeting to order at 1:36pm.

Jimmy Dawson (Director of Granbury High School CTE) proposed to the board to shift the annual $7,500 gift from the Optimist Club for CTE Certifications to be used going forward to tuition for Technical Dual Credit Courses. Chelsea makes a motion to approve CTE funds to go from funding the CTE Certification to Technical Dual Credit Courses. Nancy seconds. The motion carries.

Lisa Peregrino introduces herself. Michelle makes a to accept Lisa to the board, Michelle seconds.

Stacy presented the minutes from the last board meeting. Ronnie makes a motion to accept the minutes. Lisa seconds. The minutes are accepted as presented to the board.

Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Glen presents the Superintendent’s Report. He says the district is experiencing a lot less spread throughout the school. Most cases are transmitted through families and not “community spread.” At the time of this meeting there are 108 total positive cases since August. There are 7500 total students and staff on campus every day and there are close to 30 active cases right now. The district is now encouraging 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade students to also wear masks.

Goals for the year – academics are the main focus this year. The biggest issue we have here is a little over 50% poverty, there are a lot of different types of poverty as a school system – we are now investing heavily in early childhood education.

Growing on enrollment. AES has almost 1,000 children. Looking at possibly bringing in portable buildings for some elementary schools.

Ronnie presents the financials from September and October. $213,571 net assets as of 10/31. There hasn’t been a whole lot of activity other than money coming as donations. At the last meeting, Blake mentioned that we may be fined due to misseding the First National Bank has offered to pay the fine if we do get one. Jeremy makes a motion. Ronnie seconds. The financials are accepted as presented to the board.

Nancy presented about the grants. 23 grants were approved and will be given out on November 17th. H-E-B will provide snacks, ice, and water. Everyone who wants to attend will meet at the GISD Admin building at 8:00am. Those who feel comfortable can ride the bus.

Donors – Stacy will send out an updated donor list.

Taco fundraiser before the football game. The kids at the Galley are putting it together. Students are running it to the cars. Heidi created a one-pager with GEF info to include at the event. United Way will also put in a flyer. Since this is a joint fundraiser, we will be sharing the proceeds with United Way.

We will not meet again until February. We usually always take December and January off.

Lisa makes a motion to adjourn. Michelle seconds. Meeting is adjourned at 2:50.