April 16, 2014

Granbury FFA members received awards during a banquet on April 15, 2014, at Granbury High School.

Top award winners were: 

  • DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award – Ty Robertson
  • Star Greenhand Award – Alex Myers
  • Star Chapter Farmer Award – Taylor Phillips
  • Fighting Heart Award – Courtney Heathington
  • Top Hand Award – Cody Bedwell

Proficiency honors went to: agricultural mechanics – Ty Robertson; beef cattle production – Kailey Mabery; diversified animal production – Balie Ashmore; goat production – Macey Burch; poultry production – Colten Bison; rabbit production – Katrice Johnson; sheep production – Millie Lofton; swine production – Shyla Quinlan.

Students also were recognized for their achievement in competitions:

Leadership Development Events

  • Agricultural Advocacy: Courtney Heathington, Hailey Deck, Emmelee Whitefield, Sam Spradlin, and Damon Franks (first in district, sixth in area)
  • Agricultural Issues Forum: Kena Williams, Savannah Shelnut, Colten Bison, Taylor Phillips, Sarah Spradlin, Sam Spradlin, and Ty Robertson (first in district, third in area)
  • Senior Chapter Conducting: Ty Robertson, Millie Lofton, Bailie Ashmore, Megan Baker, Erin Reese, Sam Spradlin, Colten Bison, and Emmelee Whitfield (third in district)
  • Junior Chapter Conducting: Alex Myers, Sean Keys, Chase Baker, Landon Butler, Hunter Prewitt, Grace Arnold, and Sidney Knowles (second in district, tenth in area)
  • Senior Creed Speaking: Megan Baker (third in district)
  • Junior Creed Speaking: Macey Burch (sixth in district)
  • Senior FFA Quiz:  Ty Robertson, Sarah Spradlin, E.B. Hull, and Savanna Shelnutt (first in district, fourth in area)
  • Junior FFA Quiz:  Chase Baker, Sean Keys, Sydnie Knowles, and Hunter Prewitt (third in district, third in area)
  • FFA Radio: Lucas Elliott, Damon Franks, and Maddie Miller (fifth in district)
  • Job Interview: Alex Myers (eleventh in district)
  • Public Relations: Kena Williams, Dallis McCollum, Maddie Miller, and Jose Rodriguez (fifth in district)
  • Senior Skills Demonstration: Dane Temple, Ethan Rains, Sam Pence, and Lucas Elliott (fourth in district)
  • Junior Skills Demonstration: Ben Valles, Alyx Bradley, Dillion Pugh, and Black Barker (fourth in district)

Career Development Events

  • Dairy Cattle: Dallis McCollum, Balie Ashmore, and Cody Bedwell (seventh in district, thirteenth in area)
  • Dairy Foods: Sidney Mason, Katie Strickland, Ellie Strickland, and Bailey Anders (third in district, fourteenth in area)
  • Entomology: Damon Franks, Kena Williams, and Courtney Heathington (second in district, ninth in area)
  • Floriculture: Cassidy Willis, Millie Loftin, Megan Baker, and Dylan McKelvain (ninth in district, twenty-first in area)
  • Homesite Evaluation: Sam Spradlin, Colten Bison, Baylee Nemechek, and Juliana Eckley (state qualifier)
  • Horse: Gracie Thomas, Lana Bell, Dakota Berlin, and Morgan Allen (third in district, nineteenth in area)
  • Land: Jose Rodriguez, Tristen Holderness, Sean Keys, Dallas Taylor, and Chris Carder (fifth in district, nineteenth in area)
  • Livestock Judging: Sam Spradlin, Colten Bison, Ben Valles, Macey Burch, and Alyx Bradley (first in district, eighth in area, state qualifier)
  • Meats: Sarah Spradlin, Luke Elliott, Taylor Phillips, and Sam Pence (second in district, fourth in area, state qualifier)
  • Poultry: Hunter Prewitt, Landon Butler, Alex Myers, and Sydnie Knowles (seventh in district, fourteenth in area)
  • Range: Ty Robertson, Savanna Shelnutt, Preston Jeffery, EB Hull, and Maddie Miller (first in district, first in area, state qualifier)
  • Veterinary Science:  Kailey Maberry, Samantha Linton, and Erin Reese (third in district, sixth in area)
  • Wool: Sam Pence, Ethan Rains, Case Oxford, and Dane Temple (second in district, third in area, state qualifier)

Junior FFA members are Lakayla Bell, Jade Cox, Tye Foster, Darrion Franks, Jarred Franks, Maddiee Gill, Tiffany Heathington, Austyn Ho-sing, Julia Keys, Nathan Mabery, Grady Mabery, Mckayla Martin, Marissa Overman, Kyla Shelnutt, Alexis Smith, Savannah Smith, and Hunter Trice.

Community members and parents also received recognition for their contributions to the student group. Mickey White, assistant manager of Brookshire’s grocery store, received the Blue and Gold Award, while Shane Barrington was honored with the Outstanding Service Award.

Agricultural science teachers and FFA sponsors are Nate Newton, Trey Keys, Jacob Parr, and Shaina Seabourn

Pictured above are (left to right):  back – sponsor Nate Newton, Shyla Quinlan, Erin Reese, Millie Loftin, Courtney Heathington, sponsor Trey Keys; middle – Shaina Seabourn, Paige Tull, Balie Ashmore, Kailey Mabery, Emmelee Whitefield, Hailey Deck, Megan Baker, sponsor Jake Parr; front – Cody Bedwell, Tyler Johnson, Ty Robertson.

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