May 29, 2009


Acton Middle School held an art show on May 15, 2009.


Best of Show winners in each grade level were sixth grader Nicole Brown, seventh grader Morgan Northcutt, and eighth grader Alyssa Tigner.


6th Grade
  • Best of Show:  Nicole Brown
  • Pencil:  Jack Goodman, first; Elise Dutchover, second; Elise Dutchover, third; Luke Travis, fourth; Ciara Hastings, fifth
  • Colored Pencil:  Shanda Soloman, first; Elise Dutchover, second; Nicole Brown, third; Jack Goodman, fourth; Brandon Schmidt, fifth
  • Charcoal:  Jack Goodman, first; Jacob Dyson, second; Brandon Schmidt, third; Danielle Brown, fourth; Tyler Johnson, fifth
  • Pastel:  Brandon Schmidt, first; Mary Hernandez, second; Felcia Childs, third; Brenda Cortes, fourth; Kaci Mulcahy, fifth
  • Tempera Paint:  Luke Travis, first; Felicia Childs, second; Dillum Upham, third; Tony Ramirez, fourth; Dalem Poinbeauf, fifth
  • Watercolor:  Nicole Brown, first; Nicole Brown, second; Shanda Soloman, third; Luke Travis, fourth; Kaci Mulcahy, fifth
  • Pen & Ink:  Justin O’Neal, first; Jack Goodman, second; Cole Rezsofi, third; Cole Rezsofi, fourth; Cole Rezsofi, fifth
  • Collage: Nicole Brown, first; Kaci Mulcahy, second; Brenda Cortes, third; Luke Travis, fourth; Sam Spradlin, fifth
  • Pottery:  Bailey Crain, first; Tyler Johnson, second; Brenda Cortes, third; Cole Rezsofi, fourth; Matt McKelvain, fifth
  • Sculpture:  Dailen Poimbeauf, first; Danielle Brown, second; Brenda Cortes, third


7th Grade
  • Best of Show:  Morgan Northcutt
  • Pencil:  Sydney Carpenter, first; Lily Tunnell, second; Morgan Northcutt, third; Luke Miller, fifth
  • Colored Pencil:  Luke Miller, first; Cheyenne Black, second; Ethen Franklin, third; Brandon Dyson, fourth; Courtney Phillips, fifth
  • Charcoal:  Luke Miller, first; Emma McWilliams, second; Sydney Carpenter, third; Araceli Ortiz, fourth
  • Pastel:  Morgan Northcutt, first; Jaden Charbonnet, second; Nathan Hickey, third; Araceli Ortiz, fourth; Joe Gapinski, fifth
  • Tempera Paint:  Morgan Northcutt, first; Kaittlin Black, second; Kaittlin Black, third; Parker Scanlon, fourth; Luke Miller, fifth
  • Watercolor:  Hannah Pearson, first; Zythnia Martinez, second; Luke Miller, third; Lindsey Hol, fourth; Courtney Phillips, fifth
  • Collage:  Anna Byers, first; Joe Gapinski/Justin Flowers, second; Cheyenne Black, third; Aaron Mclean, fourth; Amanda Ortegon, fifth
  • Pottery:  Jaden Charbonnet, first; Kate Bramlett, second; Stephanie Darbonnet, third; Ethan Franklin, fourth; Emma McWilliams, fifth
  • Photography:  Morgan Northcutt, first; Peter Mueller, second; Morgan Northcutt, third; Megan Baker, fourth
  • Miscellaneous:  Parker Scanlon, first; Erin Reese, second; Kaitlyn Black, third; Cheyenne Black, fourth; Emma McWilliams, fifth
  • Mosaics:  Ana Byars, first; Joe Gapinski, second; Peter Mueller, third; Chelsea Corlett, fourth


8th Grade
  • Best of Show:  Alyssa Tigner
  • Pencil:  Courtney Brewer, first; Alyssa Tigner, second; BJ Dollins, third; Victoria Skuce, fourth; Ashley Bonugli, fifth
  • Colored Pencil:  Alyssa Tigner, first; Megan Wright, second; Taylor Butcher, third; Anna Fredricks, fourth; BJ Dollins, fifth
  • Charcoal:  Alyssa Tigner, first; Courtney Brewer, second; Randal Tipton, third; Kyle Mayes, fourth; Kali Jones, fifth
  • Pastel Pencil:  Courtney Brewer, first; Alyssa Tigner, second; Cecily McLaughlin, third; Whitney Collins, fourth; Blaine Prais, fifth
  • Tempera Paint:  Alyssa Tigner, first; Cecily McLaughlin, second; Kali Jones, third; Courtney Brewer, fourth; Sara Fredricks, fifth
  • Watercolor:  Cecily McLaughlin, first; Stuart Henley, second; Kenzie Kline, third; Alexandra Reid, fourth
  • Pen & Ink:  Stuart Henley, first; Victoria Skuce, second; BJ Dollins, third; Lexy Ortegon, fourth; Kyle Mayes, fifth
  • Printmaking:  Courtney Brewer, first; Cecily McLaughlin, second; Taylor Butcher, third; Austin Wade, fourth; Whitney Collins, fifth
  • Photography:  Stuart Henley, first; Whitley Collins, second; Stuart Henley, third; Stuart Henley, fourth; Stuart Henley, fifth
  • Miscellaneous:  Alyssa Tigner, first; Cecily McLaughlin, second; BJ Dollins, fourth; Chase Breaux, fifth
  • Pottery:  Cecily McLaughlin, first; Austin Wade, third; Kenzie Kline, fourth; Kenzie Kine, fifth
  • Sculpture:  Cecily McLaughlin, first; Randal Tipton, second; Ashley Bonugli, third; Tyler Donavan, fourth; Tanner Caraway, fifth
  • Mosaics:  Austin Montgomery, first; Tyler Donavan, second; Hannah Ellis, third; BJ Dollins, fourth; Alexandra Reid, fifth
  • Collage:  Alexandra Reid, first; Harley Hansford, second; Beau Harris, third; Whitney Collins, fourth; Austin Montgomery, fifth
  • Printmaking:  Courtney Brewer, first; Cecily McLaughlin, second; Taylor Butcher, third; Austin Wade, fourth; Whitney Collins, fifth

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