June 8, 2010

Band and choir students at Granbury Middle School and Acton Middle School received awards at the end of the 2009-10 school year.


GMS Band


For the Granbury Middle School Band, Chandler Chiappe and Juan Rodriguez received most outstanding recognition.


Outstanding awards were presented to:

  • Symphonic Band:  Cameron Hastings, Justin Kochis, Riley Summer
  • Concert Band:  Nic Garza, Elizabeth Hull, David Schomp
  • Jazz Band:  Shelby Millsap, Mckenzie Swaim, Riley Summer
  • 7th and 8th Grade Beginner Band:  Christian Luerson
  • 6th Grade Beginner Band:  Seth Anderson, Michelle Bailey, Shanon Cooke, Bryan Liles, Bryten Otting, Andrew Richards, Henry Shannon, Tommy Wallace

Most improved honors went to A.J. Artalejo, Tatum Mahoney, Nolan Rendeiro, and Paige Tull.

AMS Band


Alissa Oberlander led the Acton Middle School Band awards in receiving the Star Achiever award.  The top symphonic band members were Kohl Price, Garrett Tatum, and Garret Whitmer.  Outstanding concert band members were Avery Parsons, Britt Sherrell, and Cameron Spenser.  Stand outs among sixth grade students were Aaron Morgan and Dane Temple.


Grade level awards were presented to:

  • 8th Grade:  Ashleen Atchue, woodwind; Lenzi Johnson, brass; Peter Mueller, percussion
  • 7th Grade:  Josh Musser, percussion; Kendon Parker, brass; Garrett Tatum, woodwind
  • 6th Grade:  Jennifer Boldenow, woodwind; Aaron Morgan, brass; Shelby Wininger, percussion 

GMS Choir


The Granbury Middle School Choir presented awards to:

  • 8th Grades Ladies:  Ameila Wheeler, director’s award; Viviana Lopez, most outstanding; Kailey Mabery, most improved
  • 8th Grade Men:  Joel Reid, director’s award; Guy Wright, most outstanding; Cody Mullican, most improved
  • 7th Grade Ladies:  Krysta Caudle, director’s award; Ciera Kade, most outstanding; Priscila Rodriguez, most improved
  • 7th Grade Men:  Chris Torrez, director’s award; Trace Chiappe, most outstanding; Josh Graham, most improved
  • 6th Grade Ladies:  Hannah Backus, director’s award; Kiersten Mathis, most outstanding; Vanessa Brown, most improved
  • 6th Grade Men:  Dakota Harvey, director’s award; Cody Welch, most outstanding; Jacob Dimmitt, most improved

Three-year choir recognition went to Rebecca Anderson, Veronica Cox, Ashlea Dudas, Heather Finn, Ryan Garland, Lupe Gonzalez, Macy Holly, Brooke Konyha, Viviana Lopez, Kailey Mabery, Brooke Mason, Cody Mullican, Brayden Redden, Katie Siegler, Sabrina Tamayo, Sandra Tovar, Ameila Wheeler, and Guy Wright.


The AMS choir did not issue end-of-year awards.