June 8, 2010


Two Granbury students and an assistant principal were recognized for their personal achievements by the Granbury Masonic Lodge during a presentation at the Granbury ISD school board meeting on June 7, 2010.


Representing Masonic Lodge No. 392, Jack Williams introduced the recipients of the Mirabeau B. Lamar Award.  Named for one of the presidents of the Republic of Texas, the honor is bestowed on outstanding achievers who have overcome personal difficulties or hardships and those who accept the challenge to excel in helping make our communities, state, and nation stronger. 


Misti Jackson, a student at Brawner Intermediate School, is afflicted by muscular dystrophy causing impairments with her vision, hearing, and speech.  Despite this, she maintains a positive attitude and even encouraged her classmates to join her in the Muscular Dystrophy Walk-a-Thon held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington last January.


“Her positive attitude and her wonderful sense of humor have helped her be very successful in both her studies and her personal life, where she is much loved by her teachers as well as her classmates.  She is truly an inspiration to us all,” wrote principal Stacie Brown in her nomination letter.


Pat Yelverton, assistant principal at Crossland Ninth Grade Center, has overcome several challenges during her life.  A native Spanish speaker, Yelverton was not permitted to enroll in kindergarten until her mother taught her English at home.  At the age of 23, her husband was killed, and she was left to care for three small children.  After marrying Jerry Yelverton and having a fourth child, she enrolled in college and earned a degree.  Yelverton taught foreign language classes for several years before becoming an administrator at Acton Middle School and later at Crossland.


“Pat is such a great example for our students,” wrote principal Lynn Pool in her nomination letter.  “Earning her degree and beginning her career after having a family of four children inspires those who didn’t attend college right after high school, letting them see that it is never too late to get an education.  She is one of the best examples around of someone who has become successful in her life in spite of all the challenges she has faced.”


Pool also complimented Yelverton for her being a positive force for Hispanic students, using her own background to demonstrate how they can overcome the language barrier.  Yelverton’s work provides a sense of ease and comfort for Hispanic families.


The third recipient, Amanda Lambert, was not able to attend.  Lambert recently completed her freshman year at Crossland Ninth Grade Center.
Jackson and Yelverton are pictured above with Williams along with family members and friends.

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