May 27, 2010


Granbury elementary students have been making the mark through Miler’s Clubs in physical education classes.


Through the Miler’s Clubs, students are challenged to run miles and then are recognized for being the top runners or for completing certain distance benchmarks.


The top runners at Acton Elementary School were Sean Lewis and Lyndsey Sager.  Others making the 75-mile milestone were Seth Forrest, Taylor Grimes, Jake Holbrook, Blake Jones, Brady Macaulay, Lachlyn McPhie, Isaac Orellana, and Aaron Stufflebean.


At Brawner Intermediate School, Peyton Fletemeyer was the overall top runner with 341 miles.  The following students were the top girl and boy in their grade levels:  Daniel Cruz and Michael Melendez, fifth grade; Emma Retana and Stockton Berryman, fourth grade; and Cheynne Sisk and Skooter Caruthers, third grade.  In all, 396 out of 420 Brawner students ran 25 miles or more this school year, bringing the total to 24,205 miles.


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