June 2, 2011


RecognizedGranbury Middle School will likely receive a Recognized accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency, after the school district received a supplemental report indicating that several eighth graders passed the state TAKS tests during a second administration in May 2011.


Students in fifth and eighth grade who were not successful during the initial state testing in early April took the exams again in mid-May.  These two grade levels are part of the state’s Student Success Initiative, and these students have three opportunities to take the exams.  The first two count for the state accountability system.  The third will be administered in late June following summer school.


The supplemental report did not change projected ratings at other campuses.


Preliminary ratings for the district and all campuses are:

  • Recognized District
  • Exemplary Campuses:  Acton Middle School, Acton Elementary School, Oak Woods School
  • Recognized Campuses:  Baccus Elementary School, Brawner Intermediate School (including Roberson Elementary School), Crossland Ninth Grade Center, Granbury Middle School, Mambrino School
  • Academically Acceptable Campuses:  Granbury High School
  • AEA Academically Acceptable Campuses:  STARS Academy

STARS Academy, which is the district’s alternative academic high school, will likely be Academically Acceptable - the highest rating under the Alternative Education Accountability (AEA) system.  This rating system evaluates the performance of alternative education centers that are dedicated to serving students at risk of dropping out of school.  AEA schools are only rated as acceptable or unacceptable.


Students assigned to the Behavior Transition Center are included in their regular campuses, and that school will not receive a separate rating.


The accountability ratings are preliminary because TEA only releases raw test scores from the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) to each school district, which can analyze the student scores for estimated ratings.  Final accountability ratings will be released by the state agency on August 1.

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