May 21, 2012
Brawner Intermediate School students have been running around the world. Since October 2011, third, fourth, and fifth graders at the campus have run 23,477 miles through Miler’s Club.
“We only needed 1500 more miles to have run around the world at the equator,” said physical education teacher Patty Phillips. “We started our run to the first state capital (Dover, Delaware), which was admitted to the Union in 1787 and ran 31 successive state capitals in the order in which they were admitted to the Union. We stopped in Sacramento, California, which was admitted to the Union in 1850.”
225 students ran fifty miles or more, and 45 ran one hundred miles or more. A determined group of four ran two hundred miles or more.
Class leaders were:
  • 5th Grade: Peyton Fletemeyer, 238 miles; Ryan Morales, 208 miles; Paige Hamm, 102 miles.
  • 4th Grade: Nala Anzures, Shane Jumper, Peter Schwark.
  • 3rd Grade: Daniel D’Souza, 231 miles; Crystalangelie Torres, 170 miles.
Through the Miler’s Clubs at elementary and intermediate campuses, students are challenged to run or walk miles on the school track and then are recognized when they complete certain distance benchmarks.