June 27, 2007

Teachers and Cooridnators Working on Curriculum
With two months remaining before the beginning of the 2007-08 school year, teachers and coordinators in Granbury ISD are busy working on curriculum plans for core subject areas, including English/language arts, math, and science. Teachers from all grade levels have been meeting during the summer in order to revise the scope and sequence for those classes.

Granbury ISD curriculum is centered on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which is the set of learning standards established by the Texas Education Agency. The common scope and sequence outlines a year-long order of instruction and ensures that every student in each grade level will learn the same material and be prepared to take required state tests.

School officials from around the state will have to make adjustments because of a new state law enacted during the recent legislative session. Senate Bill 1031 made significant modifications to the state testing system to be implemented over the next several years. The legislation also requires TEA to alter the testing schedule for 2007-08 so that the exams are administered later in the school year. The agency is expected to release a revised schedule in July.

Pictured above are first grade teachers discussing plans and ideas with Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Stacie Brown. From left to right are Patty Caddell, Mambrino School; Tammira Papasan, Baccus Elementary School; Shana Conine, Acton Elementary School; and Brown.