June 6, 2008


Shining Star AwardsGranbury ISD recognized several employees for safety consciousness and energy efficiency at an awards luncheon on June 5, 2008.


“These individuals led the school district in safety consciousness and energy efficiency through commitment, dedication, and team work.  Their efforts help the district save thousands of dollars as well as keep students and employees safe,” stated Facilities Director Randy Leach.


Shining Star awards were given to several employees.  Administration custodian Maria Guzman received the Star Employee Award for outstanding service and dedication.  Others received the award for being accident-free during the work service at Granbury ISD.  They were:  Kathy Sheeley, Granbury Middle School food service manager; Silvia Trevino, Roberson Elementary School custodian; Donald Smith, grounds maintenance; and Larry Gehrke, maintenance director.  Pictured at left are Smith, Guzman, and Sheeley.


Four campuses and one department were recognized for being accident-free.  The principals and director receiving the recognition were:  Ralph Purget, Acton Elementary School; Kellie Lambert, Emma Roberson Elementary School; Rebecca Johnson, Mambrino School; Donnie Cody, Oak Woods Intermediate School; and Ton Potappel, Technology Department.


Custodians and food service managers also received safety award for being accident-free.  The custodians were: Dale Mask, Acton Elementary School; Thomas Robbins, Acton Middle School, Dewaine James, Administration; Denise Swingle, Brawner Intermediate School; Marie Mills, Crossland Ninth Grade Center; Silvia Trevino, Emma Roberson Elementary School; Alice Casey, Mambrino School; and Bobbie Ellingson, Oak Woods Intermediate School.  Food service managers recognized were:  Stacy Cummings, Brawner Intermediate School; Theresa Daily, Crossland Ninth Grade Center; Vicki McMullen, Granbury High School; Kathy Sheeley, Granbury Middle School; Jan Gilheany and Dianne McKinley, Oak Woods Intermediate School.


For energy efficiency, two campuses were recognized.  Granbury High School Principal Marsha Grissom and Lead Custodian Gerald Ready received first place for electrical savings totaling $6,409 compared to the 2006-07 school year.  Second place went to Acton Middle School’s Assistant Principal Pat Yelverton and Lead Custodian Thomas Robbins.  The savings at AMS was $4,539.


Two other campuses were acknowledged for having the lowest electrical cost per square foot.  Those schools were:  Mambrino School, accepted by Principal Rebecca Johnson and Lead Custodian Alice Casey; and Baccus Elementary School, accepted by Assistant Principal DeAnna Bledsoe and Lead Custodian Pam Jones.  Mambrino’s cost per square foot is 62 cents, while the cost at Baccus is 68 cents.
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