May 30, 2008


Five campuses in Granbury ISD will likely receive Recognized ratings from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) based on preliminary state test scores received by the school district. 


“These results indicate solid progress for all schools in Granbury ISD,” said Superintendent William Harris.  “I am pleased with the positive growth at our schools – many of which were within a student or two of attaining a higher rating.  Our students continued to post higher scores even as the TAKS test became more rigorous.“


Harris continued, “As with any school district, the test scores pinpoint several areas for improvement.  Our students did extremely well in reading, math, writing, and social studies.  We will increase our efforts to improve student performance in science.”


The five campuses with preliminary Recognized ratings are Acton Elementary School, Baccus Elementary School, Mambrino School, Oak Woods Intermediate School, and Roberson Elementary School.  Preliminary ratings of Academically Acceptable would be given to the remaining campuses:  Acton Middle School, Brawner Intermediate School, Granbury Middle School, Crossland Ninth Grade Center, and Granbury High School.  The district as a whole also would receive a rating of Academically Acceptable.


STARS Academy, which is the district’s alternative academic high school, will likely be Academically Acceptable, which is the highest rating under the Alternative Education Accountability (AEA) system.  This rating system evaluates the performance of alternative education centers that are dedicated to serving students at risk of dropping out of school.


Students assigned to the Behavior Transition Center are included in their regular campuses, and that campus will not receive a separate rating.


The ratings are based on student performance on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), which is the state examination required by the Texas Legislature and TEA.  Final results will be available in August.


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