May 29, 2008


Students from Acton Middle School and Granbury Middle School recently took part in the Quad County Spring Art Festival.  The art show was held at Mineral Wells Junior High School on May 9-10, 2008.


Acton Middle School student Mike Milson won Best in Show among seventh graders.


Seventh Grade: 


Best in Show:  Mike Milson.

Pen & Ink:  Courtney Brewer, second; Alyssa Tigner, fourth.

Pencil:  Courtney Brewer, first; Gabi Espinoza, third; Kasi Krieger, fifth.

Colored Pencil:  Alyssa Tigner, first; Gabi Espinoza, fifth; Yazmin Melendez, sixth.

Charcoal:  Courtney Brewer, first; Ashley Bonugli, second.

Pastel:  Courtney Brewer, fourth; Alyssa Tigner, sixth.

Watercolor:  Stuart Henley, third; Hailey Huffman, sixth.

Tempera Paint:  Mike Milson, first; Nick Mays, third.

Printmaking:  Cecily McLaughin, first; Kristen Ozuna, fifth.

Mixed Media:  Taylor Butcher, first; Gabi Espinoza, fourth; Kyle Mays, fifth; Aaron Gentry, sixth.

Misc.:  Steve Loyola, second.

Sculpture:  Beau Harris, second.

Paper Mache:  Gabi Espinoza, first; Alyssa Tigner, second; Angela Cardoza, sixth.

Functional Clay:  Austin Wade, second; Alex Reid, sixth.

Mosaics:  Randal Tipton, fourth; Josh Glavin, sixth.


Eighth Grade:


Pen & Ink:  Bren Cleveland, second.

Pencil:  Corey Webster, third; Orlando Hernandez, fourth.

Colored Pencil:  Hector Martinez, sixth.

Charcoal:  Orlando Hernandez, first; Sarah Berry, second; Crystal Morales, fourth; Libby Martin, fifth.

Pastel:  Laura Yocum, first; Jose Loyola, second; Hailee Jantz, sixth.

Watercolor:  Brittany Kimmons, second; Kathrynn Middlebrook, fourth; Johnathan Sutton, sixth.

Tempera Paint:  Sarah Berry, first.

Printmaking:  Alejandro Rodriquez, first; Sadie McNutt, third.

Collage:  Maggie Smith, second; Kathrynn Middlebrook, third.

Mixed Media:  Libby Martin, second; Alejandra Contreras, fourth.

Misc.:  Sarah Berry, fifth; Kaleb Kuhn, sixth.

Sculpture:  Justin Hedger, first; Sarah Torres, second; David Riggins, third.

Paper Mache:  Bren Cleveland, second; Sarah Berry, fourth; Jarred Cox, sixth.

Functional Clay:  Kathrynn Middlebrook, second; Maggie Smith, sixth.

Mosaics:  Parker Miller, second; Corey Lasley, sixth.

Textile:  Mayra Tovar, third; Kelby Wiley, fifth.

Collage:  Brittani Tamayo, fourth; Crystal Morales, fifth.

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