May 27, 2008
GMS Choir Students with Awards
Students in the Granbury Middle School Choir recently received awards at a concert held at the school on May 22, 2008.


Award winners were:


  • Seventh and Eighth Grade – Director’s Award: Ryan Bartosh, Ashton Goodson, Ariel Overton, McKenzie Woods; Most Outstanding: Blair Cowden, Bryston Grier, Tristan Roberson, Grant Watts; Most Improved: Richard Martin, John Schmelz, Jessica Singer, Misty Stratton.
  • Sixth Grace (6th Hour) – Director’s Award: Brooke Konyha, Guy Wright; Most Outstanding: Cody Reynolds, Ameila Wheeler; Most Improved: Brittany Hargrove, Brayden Redden.
  • Sixth Grace (8th Hour) – Director’s Award: Ryan Garland, Katie Siegler; Most Outstanding: Matt Brawner, Evan Jefferson; Most Improved: Courtlin Swann, Valerie Winn.


At the Region 7 UIL Choral Concert and Sightreading Contest in April, the combined seventh and eighth grade men’s choir won Sweepstakes for First Division performances in both concert and sigthreading.  The seventh grade girls and eighth grade girls each received a First Division in sightreading and a Second Division in concert.


The GMS Choir is under the direction of Randall Walters and Cathy Terrel.


Pictured above are:  back row – Richard Martin, Ryan Bartosh, Bryston Grier, John Schmelz, Grant Watts, Ashton Goodson; middle row – Guy Wright, McKenzie Woods, Blair Cowden, Misty Stratton, Ariel Overton, Tristan Roberson, Jessica Singer, Evan Jefferson; front row – Ameila Wheeler, Brooke Konyha, Ryan Garland, Cody Reynolds, Courtlin Swann, Brayden Redden, Brittany Hargrove, Valerie Winn; not pictured – Matt Brawner, Katie Siegler.

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