May 21, 2008



GHS Students Placing on National Spanish Exam

Several Granbury High School students recently excelled on the National Spanish Exam, an assessment tool sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


GHS earned a total of six silver and two bronze placements along with nine honorable mentions.

  • Level 5:  silver medal – Maria Karina Lopez; bronze medal – Jose Mojica; honorable mention – Jairo Martinez.
  • Level 4:  silver medal – Sanjuana Espinoza, Mayra Hernandez; bronze medal – Lorenzo Carbajal; honorable mention – Valentin Villafranco.
  • Level 3:  silve medal – Julio Contreras, Abelardo Hernandez, Silvia Juarez; honorable mention – Iris Cervantes, Mariela Espinosa, Joshlyn Davis, Riley Goodman, Zulema Grimaldo, Karem Martinez, Amanda Russell. 

Pictured above are:  back row: Lorenzo Carbajal, Mayra Hernandez, Abelardo Hernandez, Julio Contreras, Joshlyn Davis, Jose Mojica; middle row: Zulema Grimaldo, Iris Cervantes, Amanda Russell, Jairo Martinez, Sanjuana Espinosa, Riley Goodman, Valentin Villafranco; front row:  teacher Lastenia Herrera, Sylvia Nayeli Juarez, Karem Martinez, Maria Karina Lopez.


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