December 13, 2010
Acton Middle School theater arts students shined during performances of Oklahoma!, an adaptation of the Broadway musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, on December 10-11, 2010.


Leading the cast were Deanna Rupp and Kaleb Wilson in the roles of Laurey and Curley.


The cast also included:  Dakota Medlin – Jud; Skylar Woodward – Ado Annie; Baylee Davis – Aunt Eller; Hunter Glenn – Peddler; Kalyn Carpenter – Gertie; Nick Sandelin – Andrew; Blake Bergeman – Will; Ethan Minard – Ike; Nikolai Press – Cord; Jarod Adcock – Slim; Andrew Reid – Fred; Vinnie Maselli – Mike; Colton Collins – Joe; Eddie Ramirez – Tom; Jenna Lane – Vivian; Natalie Collins – Ellen; Rachael Perriello – Kate; and Brynn Deger – Virginia.


The ensemble included several groups:

  • Girls Chorus – Samantha Adams, Kennedy Brown, Alissia Cobio, Natalie Collins, Brynn Deger, Nicole Gray, Jenna Lane, Kinsley Mauch, Rachael Perriello, Tiffany Pilgrim, Grace Sokol, Statia Sokol
  • Guys Chorus – Halston Bradley, Anthony Houke, Efrain Martinez, Andrew Reid
  • Girls Chorus/Dancers – Allie Houke, Juliette Hoverson, Karen McLellan, Gabby Munoz, Stephanie Perry, Jade Richardson, Hannah Roberts, Skylar Schrieber, Shanda Solomon, Lily Thornton

The stage crew included Allison Albritton, Kaitlyn Biggs, Madison Cooley, Kiley Jeter, Slyder Mellencamp, Alec Mullen, Josh Musser, Katrina Pachuta (stage manager), Austin Toffoli, Christen Watson, Mikayla Woolhouse, and Taylor Yates.  Handling costumes and makeup were Bailey Crain, Breanna Crain, Tatum Crist, Madison Miller, and Shelby Shade.

The musical was overseen by theater arts teacher Krista Alcorn and choir directors Christine Bridges and Bob Peacock.  Also assisting was Granbury High School theater arts teacher Phil Groeschel.

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