December 8, 2010


Students from Acton Middle School and Granbury Middle School recently participated in the Quad County West UIL literary and academic meet held on December 6-7, 2010, at Loflin Middle School in Joshua.  During the competition, top students from eight schools took part in contests in several subject areas.


The results were:


Acton Middle School


  • Calculator Applications:  8th grade – Kendon Parker, first.
  • Dictionary Skills:  8th grade –Estephania Magallanes, third.
  • Impromptu Speaking:  8th grade – Katie Haywood, second; Noah Smith, third; Christen Watson, fourth.
  • Listening Skills:  7th grade – Breanna Keenan, first; Samantha Reynolds, third.  8th grade – Justin Nelson, second.
  • Maps, Charts, and Graphs:  7th grade – Jeffrey Robinson, second.  8th grade – Justin Jackson, third.
  • Mathematics:  8th grade – Kendon Parker, first; Brandon Rush, fifth.
  • Modern Oratory (not grade specific):  Kelly Kollman, fourth.
  • Number Sense:  7th grade – Josiah Hall, sixth.  8th grade – Kendon Parker, first.
  • Ready Writing:  7th grade – Kaylee Keating, first; Luke Elliott, third; Juliette Hoverson, sixth.  8th grade – Garrett Tatum, third.
  • Social Studies:  7th grade – Shannon Davis, third; 8th grade – Brett Luckie, fourth.
  • Spelling:  8th grade – Kennedy Brown, fifth.

Granbury Middle School


  • Calculator Applications:  8th grade – Michael Schmelz, fourth.
  • Listening Skills:  8th grade – Samantha Linton, sixth.
  • Mathematics:  8th grade – Phillip Dixon, fourth.
  • Modern Oratory (not grade specific):  Emma Thomas, first; Kaylyn Fehrer, third.
  • Science:  7th grade – Amber Storm, fourth; Ashley McFarlane, fourth.  8th grade – Brady Dean, first; Trace Chiappe, first.
  • Social Studies:  7th grade – Savannah Irish, fifth.  8th grade – Nick Mitchell, second.

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