2021-22 Compensation and Benefits Information

Posted by GISD Business Office on 9/16/2021


2021-22 Compensation Notice 

New compensation has been posted to Employee Access for your review.  This information is available by following the steps below. 

Login to www.granburyisd.org/employeeaccess then click on the following links: 

    • Employee Center
    • Skyward Employee Access
    • Employee Information
    • Personal Information
    • Personnel – Assignments
    • You may have multiple years of assignments.  Please pull down the appropriate year (2021-22). 
    • You may have multiple positions if you have multiple jobs, , i.e. a coach will have a teacher assignment, and stipend assignment
    • The salary listed at this level is your projected annualized salary. 
    • Click the “>” next to the Position you are reviewing to expand the details
    • Payroll Information will have the specifics for that assignment including Per Pay Period, Daily Rate, Hourly rate, etc..  This can be expanded by clicking the “>” next to Payroll Information.

If you have questions regarding your compensation, please send an email to: karen.taylor@granburyisd.org stating the question(s) and/or the concern(s).  

Questions and concerns will be researched and responses will be sent via email, if applicable, as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. 

Salary and Stipend Schedules are available on the Human Resources Dept. website at www.granburyisd.org/hr

You can review this through the following steps in Employee Access.           

  • Click on Employee Information
  • Click on Payroll - Checks
  • At the 7/15/21  check click the “>” sign
  • Expand Pays by clicking the “>” sign
  • Retro is the description to review


The District provides benefits to employees.  District monthly contribution is $378.00 for full time employees and $282.00 for part time employees. This information is also included in Employee Access. Your specific benefit information can be found in Employee Access through the following steps.  It is important that every employee verify that their benefits are correct on their paystubs. 

  • Click on Employee Information
  • Click on Payroll Information
  • Click on Payroll - Fiscal YTD or Calendar YTD
  • Pick appropriate fiscal year
  • Expand by clicking the “>” sign beside the appropriate year
  • Expand benefits by clicking the “>” sign
  • Please be aware that 2006-07 totals do not include all benefits since the old system did not keep this information in the appropriate format.

Questions regarding benefits please contact Traci Poe at 817-408-4191 or email tracey.poe@granburyisd.org

If you have problems accessing Skyward Employee Access, please call the Business Office at (817) 408-4015 or email shelley.miller@granburyisd.org or amanda.livingston@granburyisd.org for assistance.  

If you do not have access to Skyward to view your payroll check history, please contact the Business Office at (817) 408-4015 or shelley.miller@granburyisd.org or amanda.livingston@granburyisd.org.