Banking and Direct Deposit Changes

Posted by GISD Business Office on 11/11/2021

When making banks changes or setting up new bank accounts here are some helpful tips for getting everything transferred and setup to the new account.

  • Leave the old account open until your direct deposit starts going into your new account and other ACH setups have completely transferred to the new account. This can take several weeks depending on the bank.
  • When changing banks or setting up a new account come to the Business Office in person to complete a cancellation form for the old account and a new direct deposit form with the new banking information.  With the holidays coming up extra time is needed to process those changes.

Due to the holidays and the district being closed please be sure to have any banking changes that could impact direct deposits during the holidays turned into the Business Office by the following Dates:

  • For the November 15 Payroll new direct deposit forms due on Monday, November 8
  • For the November 30 Payroll new direct deposit forms due on Monday, November 15
  • For December Payrolls all direct deposit form changes are due on Monday, December 1
  • For January 14 Payroll new direct deposit forms are due on Friday, December 17.